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IDM KwaZulu-Natal - Natal Conebush - Leucadendron spissifolium natalense

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Leucadendron spissifolium natalense - Natal Conebush is a shrub to 0.75 m tall. Its leaves are oblanceolate, with a fine pointed tip, twisted below, hairless, 46 mm long, 8 mm wide. The involucral leaves are conspicuous and bract-like, with a pointed tip. The cone bracts are hairy across the middle.

LD SPIS N occurs from Port St Johns to Port Shepstone. The extremes of its distribution range have not yet been atlassed. Just how far north and south does this species occur? We have only 5 atlas records for this species.

Leucadendron spissifolium natalense Distribution

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