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IDM KwaZulu-Natal - Terblanz Beechwood - Faurea macnaughtonii

Faurea macnaughtonii DistributionA solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Faurea macnaughtonii - Terblanz Beechwood is a tall forest tree with a peculiar distribution in that it is confined to many small, isolated populations from Tanzania and Madagascar to Knysna. It is distinguished as a tall forest tree with wide leaves. It is occasionally confused with Rapanea.

Although scattered populations of FA MACN occur in the Transvaal and on the Swaaland-Natal border, there are no herbarium records of these in the National Herbarium. This species is poorly known because of its strange distribution pattern: details of its actual its actual distribution could possibly result in an explanation for this inexplicable dispersion!

Note that Elsa Pooley (page 82 - marked as 0) has twice as many localities as is known from the herbaria. With only 6 atlas records - four from Pondoland - this is a badly underatlassed species. More data please.

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