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Proteas of East Africa

Kenya, Tanzania and the Rift Valley as modified from Brummit and Marner.

1. Shrubs or trees, stems branched , taller than 1.5 m goto 2

1' Multistemmed shrubs, stems mostly unbranched, usually less than 1.5 m tall goto 11

2. Tepal limb hairless (or with very few hairs at base) goto 3

2' Tepal limb with long shaggy hairs (when young - may be confined to tip in old, open flowers) goto 5

3. Leaf stalked, 10-40 mm wide Pr petiolaris

3' Leaf stalkless, if stalked then 30-110 mm wide goto 4

4. Leaf 25-110 mm wide, tepal claw more hairy than limb Pr madiensis

4' Leaf 12-36 mm wide, tepal claw as hairy as limb Pr caffra

5. Bract mainly hairless, sometimes hairy at base goto 6

5' Bract densely hairy, sometimes aging to hairless at tip goto 9

6. Leaf 20-40 mm wide, 3-5 X longer than wide goto 7

6' Leaf 13-27 mm wide, 4-12 X longer than wide goto 8

7. Bract and tepal pink to red, flowerhead funnel-shaped Pr rubrobracteata

7' Bract green to pink, flowerhead opening to bowl-shaped, tepal white Pr wentzeliana

8. Tepal limb 11-16 mm long, leaf 3-6 X longer than wide, bract open to horizontal Pr caffra

8' Tepal limb 17-31 mm long, leaf 5-12 X longer than broad, bract collapsing on opening Pr rupestris

9. Leaf hairless and often glaucous, tepal limb 18-39 mm long Pr angolensis

9' Leaf hairless, 5-10 X longer than wide, tepal limb 8-25 mm long Pr gaguedi

9" Leaf 1.5-6 X longer than wide, hairy when young goto 10

10. Bract and tepal limb with rusty-brown-orange, dense-short hairs, leaf hairy but hairs not curly Pr welwitschii

10' Bract and tepal limb with long grey hairs, leaf with minute curly hairs Go back to 7 (do not pass go)

11. Tepal limb 14-30 mm long goto 12

11' Tepal limb 4.5-14 mm long goto 14

12. Leaf 20-60 mm wide, hairless Pr angolensis

12' Leaf 8-25 mm wide, hairy when young goto 13

13. Stem with soft hairs pressed flat, aging to hairless, with 2-3 years leaves on stem Pr baumii

13' Stem annual, with long spreading hairs Pr micans

14. Flowerhead 30-45 mm across, tepal 15-20 mm long goto 15

14' Flowerhead 40-110 mm across, tepal 25-60 mm long goto 16

15.Stem, leaf, bract & tepal limb hairy Pr heckmanniana

15.Stem, leaf, bract & tepal limb hairless Pr linearifolia

16. Bracts nearly hairless except for fringes goto 17

16' Bracts with flat-pressed hairs, becoming patchy goto 20

17. Leaf 3 mm wide, linear, stems vertical Pr kibarensis

17' Leaf 6-55 mm wide, stems creeping to erect goto 18

18. Stem erect, 0.6-1.3 m tall, lasting three years, tepals white Pr wentzeliana

18' Stems creeping or erect, up to 0.4 m long, annual, tepals mainly pink goto 19

19. Leaf 2-5 X longer than wide, flower 30 mm long, tepal claw 10 mm long, almost hairless Pr praticola

19' Leaf 4-11 X longer than wide, flower 30-40 mm long, tepal claw 15-25 mm long, shaggy haired Pr humifusa

20. Tepal pink Pr micans

20' Tepal white goto 21

21. Leaf 10-20 mm wide, stem annual, 0.3-0.9 m long Pr micans

21' Leaf 20-55 mm wide, stem lasting three years, 0.6-1.6 m long Pr wentzeliana

Remember to check your identification against a species description or herbarium specimen before accepting the name given by any key

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