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Annual Getaway (AGT) 1998 Boosmansbos

AGT 23-27 September 1998

This is a once per year field trip, where Protea Atlassers from all over South Africa congregate and then proceed to Protea Atlas or 'blitz' an area. It is also a time for socialising, reminiscing and bringing together fellow atlassers who haven't seen each other for a year.

This year's event is at Boosmansbos which is in the eastern Western Cape province. The area we will be visiting includes the Grootvadersbosch Reserve, which has lovely forest walks, a variety of small mammals, and a particularly rich bird life - 196 species have been recorded, including the Nerina Trogon. There is also a cycle trail for those who want to atlas by bicycle! The entire Boosmansbos Wilderness Area has been reserved for our use - in return for the data, of course. Kept in pristine condition by Cape Nature Conservation, the area offers mountain fynbos and indigenous forest areas. Our planned itinerary is to atlas the Langeberg foothills by foot and car on Thursday, ascend the peaks on Saturday, climb down on Sunday (with easy options for those less fit), and a return via one of two coastal options (Still Bay or Potberg) on the Sunday. Protea Atlassers should book their place with the Protea Atlas Office.

The Protea Atlas Staff will be there from Wednesday, with a big fire and hot food to welcome you! See you there!

Arrival: Wedneday, 23 September 1998 pm
Potjiekos entre

Day 1 - Thursday, 24 September 1998: A gentle day of Roadside Atlassing and hill climbing from Tradouw’s Pass to Garcias Pass in the Renosterveld/Fynbos Foothills.
Group 1 (late arrival team): Tradouw Pass to Grootvadersbos (Ld tradouwense)
Group 2 (gentle team): Doringkraal to Platkloof and Grootberg (Pr decurrens, Pr lorea)
Group 3 (mad scramblers): Platkloof to Zeekoeigat + Bosberg & Corente Dam (Ld coriaceum, Mi hirtus).

Annual Spit Roast

Day 2 - Friday, 25 September 1998: Start of Wilderness Hikes to Helderfontein shelter
Group 1 (Hilltop walkers): Loerklip Traverse
Group 2 (Valley ascenders): Saagkuilkloof (with subparty up Spitskop)
Group 3 (Mad runners): Horingberg

Day 3 - Saturday, 26 September 1998: Return back to pickup points
Group 1 (Barrydale bashers): Grootberg ridge to Barrydale.
Group 2 (Sun lovers): Witbooisrivier to Harmonie
Group 3 (Slope sloggers): Kopberg down to Libertas

Late Braai & thanks

Day 4 - Sunday, 27 September 1998: Rest and recouperation. Depart via:
Option 1: Still Bay-Albertinia (Limestone species plus Albertinia endemics)
Option 2: Diepkloof in the northern Potberg (Silcrete and Breede River endemics)

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