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IDM Cape Peninsula - Golden Spiderhead - Serruria villosa

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Serruria villosa - Golden Spiderhead is known to most people as Serruria vallaris, the VaIley Spiderhead. It has no flower stalk so that the single heads lie flat against the neat leaves. It has bright yellow-gold flowers. Note that after flowering the flowerhead stalk elongates!

Se vill, is recorded from the Steenberg Plateau to Cape Point. This is one of the very few species on the southern Cape Peninsula which is more common on the western side than the eastern side.

The record from Tokai Forest requires. verification.

This is a Peninsula endemic and so all our seasonal data must come from this area. We are short of records from especially November and December.

Serruria villosa Distribution

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