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IDM Cape Peninsula - Serruria glomerata X Serruria villosa

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Serruria glomerata X Serruria villosa: code Se .glvx

This hybrid between Serruria glomerata and Serruria villosa has been atlassed from 43 localities. It is clearly Serruria villosa, but has multiple heads often on a shared stalk. The flowers are usually yellow or cream. Typically only a few plants occur within a population of Serruria villosa, but occasionally a large proportion of the population may appear to be hybrids. Serruria glomerata may not be present.

Curiously, 75 per cent of our data for this hybrid are from the period April to July. This is the Serruria villosa flowering period. Only 24 per cent of our data are from August to October, the Serruria glomerata flowering period. It is unlikely that the hybrids can be identified without flowerheads or seedheads, so records outside of this period are not expected.


Serruria glomerata X Se villosa Distribution

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