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IDM Cape Peninsula - Cluster Spiderhead - Serruria glomerata

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Serruria glomerata - Cluster Spiderhead has its heads in dense clusters (agglomerated - hence its name) on a very short stalk. Se glom has cream flowers and occurs predominantly at low altitudes in the south of the region. It appears to prefer wetter conditions than other Spiderheads.

Apart frorn populations at Tokai and Kenilworth Race Course, we have no records of this species north of Silvermine. The record from Noordhoek Estates suggests that the species may also occur on the northern fringe of the Fish Hoek Gap - please investigate. Se glom is rare outside of the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. It may be more common around the Kleinplaas Dam - please look in the waterlogged sandy plains.

Seasonal data for this endemic are especially needed from October and from November to January.

Serruria glomerata Distribution

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