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IDM Cape Peninsula - Common Spiderhead - Serruria fasciflora

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Serruria fasciflora - Common Spiderhead is a Pin Spiderhead with very small heads bearing many flowers on a common stalk and with straight little florets (the pins). The leaves are also very fine.

Se fasc is recorded historically from Wynberg, Raapenberg, Tokai and the Cape Flats. It does not appear to occur at Kenilworth, but it has been atlassed on the edge of De Waal Drive, at Kirstenbosch, Tokai, east slopes below Silvermine, Rooikrans, near the gates of the Cape of Good Hope Nature. Reserve and at Booiskraalrivier. The large population at Constantiaberg is perhaps the most viable population on the Peninsula. The distribution of records also suggests that these are remnants of a population that used to cover the Cape Flats! Does it occur at Rondevlei or on the eastern slopes of Swartkopberge. Seasonal data are lacking from summer, and winter.

Serruria fasciflora Distribution

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