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IDM Cape Peninsula - Peninsula Whip Spiderhead - Serruria decumbens

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Serruria decumbens - Peninsula Whip-spiderhead is characterized by being a creeper with leaves only divided once to give three tines, so that its leaves look like a row of erect braai prongs along the stem. The leaves are also surprisingly succulent. With its relative Serruria flagellifolia from the Kogelberg, they comprise a section on their own. It was previously known as Serruria hyemalis. This is a very cryptic species!

Se decu is only known from the Kommetjie to Olifantsbos region. It is well atlassed at Bonteberg, Olifantsbos and Klienblouberg (verification required please). Atlassers have been unable to find it on Slangkop above Kommetjie, or at Sikelsvlei. Is it really absent from the area between?

Please help obtain seasonal data on flowering and growth for this species. We only have sufficient data for October!

Serruria decumbens Distribution

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