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IDM Cape Peninsula - Serruria collina flagellaris

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Serruria collina flagellaris. Following comments from atlassers (see PAN) we decided to atlas this species as two different types. The erect form was to stay as is at atlassed as Se coll. The creeping form would be atlassed as Se coll f (with "f' for flagellaris).

It is obvious from the above that the Karbonkelberg population is the only erect form known at present. What are the growth forms of the Else Peak and Swartkopberg populations? There are apparently two populations on Karbonkelberg - are they both the erect form?

This is another Peninsula endemic and we lack suitable data from November to June. Please atlas this species at your every opportunity.

Serruria collina flagellaris Distribution

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