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IDM Cape Peninsula - Lost Spiderhead - Serruria collina

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Serruria collina - Lost Spiderhead may be known to most atlassers as Serruria flagellaris. This is an unacceptable atlas name as the code Se flag is occupied. It is a ground creeper, but with multiple heads (and is thus related to Serruria glomerata).

The name Lost Spiderhead derives from the fact that it was "lost" until Hugh Taylor discovered a population at Fish Hoek. It then dissappeared again and in 1981 no plants could be found. The Karbonkelberg population was collected in 1809 and 1830 and then "lost" until the Botanical Society A-team discovered it on Karbonkelberg.

The following papulations are known: Karbonkelberg, SW side of Rooikrans, Teeberg (these 3 populations are atlassed), Else Peak, and an unconfirmed record from Smitswinkel Bay, suggesting that it may occur on Swartkopberg as well.

Serruria collina Distribution

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