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IDM Cape Peninsula - Stawberry Spiderhead - Serruria aemula foeniculacea

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Serruria aemula - Strawberry Spiderhead is better known to old-timers as Serruria ciliata. It remains to be seen whether Serruria foeniculacea - Rondevlei Spiderhead from Rondevlei will be incorporated into this species or not until then we will treat it as Se aemu f.

Se aemu: Once common on the Cape Flats everywhere, Serruria aemula is now extinct on the Cape Peninsula. This species was really abundant from Salt River eastwards. It is now almost totally extinct, surviving on the edge of the National Routes 1 and 7.

Se aemu f: has been atlassed at Rondevlei, both the original and planted populations. There is also a herbarium specimen from Simonstown! We would appreciate seasonal data for this species - is there anyone who regularly visits the bird sanctuary and who will record its flowering and growth for us?


Serruria aemula foeniculacea Distribution

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