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IDM Cape Peninsula - Wagon Tree - Protea nitida dwarf

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Pr niti d (Dwarf form). Most Waboom plants must pass through the bole stage before becoming a tree, but these dwarf forms never progress to the tree stage. Please code them Pr niti d, the "d" for "dwarf'. Please do not use the code if erect forms occur in the population (if they do then these plants are probably just babies).

By comparing the two maps it is clear that only one set of populations of clear-cut Dwarf forms occurs on the Peninsula from Rooikrans to Kommetjie to Scarborough and to Red Hill. All the other localities require verification, perhaps referring to young veld or a few low plants. Possible other sites include Kapteinsberg (W of Hout Bay) and Lower Chapmans Peak.

Will atlassers please confirm that they have been using the code Pr niti d correctly, and send in changes where they have not.

Protea nitida Distribution

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