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IDM Cape Peninsula - Wagon Tree - Protea nitida

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Protea nitida - Wagon Tree (Waboom) has two growth forms on the Peninsula. In most places it is a tall shrub or small tree, and resprouts from buds beneath the bark after a fire. In some areas it exists only as a low multistemmed plant which resprouts from an underground bole after a fire - these should be coded as Pr niti d (see page 19 for details).

The tree form Pr niti prefers the upper slopes of the granite below the sandstone. It has been recorded from many places around the Peninsula, with the largest areas being the northern and western facing slopes. Only a single population (at Smitswinkel Bay) occurs in the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. Many areas not covered by herbarium records have been well atlassed. Note that this map includes records for Pr niti d.

Protea nitida Distribution

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