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IDM Cape Peninsula - Black bearded Sugarbush - Protea lepidocarpodendron

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Protea lepidocarpodendron - Black Bearded Sugarbush is distinguished from the Protea neriifolia - Narrow-leaf Sugarbush by its black hairs on the bracts below the beard - careful the black washes out with age! - and its two types (brown below and normal above) of bracts.

Pr lepi is common on the Cape Peninsula preferring heavy soils and silcretes, where it may form dense stands. Interesting gaps are the entire western half of the southern Cape Peninsula, but this may reflect the lack of suitable substrates. A strange gap is the Rooihoogte to Klaasjagersberg ridge just inside the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. Why is it absent from Orangekloof.

Seasonal data for this species are lacking from February and June.

Protea lepidocarpodendron Distribution

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