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IDM Cape Peninsula - Red Bearded Sugarbush - Protea grandiceps

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Protea grandiceps - Red Bearded Sugarbush has a single basal stem and pink-red involucral bracts.

Pr gran was thought to be extinct with the last specimens seen in 1942 on the Twelve Apostles. Atlassers have discovered one plant on the top of the mountain (Africa left face), two plants on the saddle above Newlands Ravine, and a large stand of planted plants on the Saddle between Devil's Peak and Table Mountain. Rumours of plants at Grootkop have faded, with no verification to date. Other rumours include Slangolie - this might be one of the original Twelve Apostle's population. No one has confirmed checking past records from Kloof Corner above India, above the Blockhouse on Devils Peak, or Spring Butress. The plants from Silvermine picnic area, Lion's Head and N of Klaasenkop are all confumed or suspected of having being planted. Seasonal data are urgently needed!

Protea grandiceps Distribution

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