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IDM Cape Peninsula - Green Sugarbush - Protea coronata

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Protea coronata - Green Sugarbush is the only really hairy (stem and leaves) Bearded Sugarbush on Table Mountain. Its green heads and purple-tinged leaves are also distinctive.

Pr coro occurs naturally above Kirstenbosch, E of Hout Bay Corner and on Constantiaberg. Atlas data suggest that the distribution is more continuous than previously thought: does it occur throughout the area of granite soils and high rainfall? This species was probably once common on Wynberg Hill, as it occurs in dense stands in a similar habitat in the Elgin Valley (see Ld gran). The Lions Head record may be natural. Are the Silvermine and Devils Peak populations planted?

We still require seasonal data for Pr coro fiom March to June, and also from August to October.

Protea coronata Distribution

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