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IDM Cape Peninsula - Common Ground Sugarbush - Protea acaulos

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Protea acaulos - Common Ground Sugarbush is one of two creeping Sugarbushes on the Peninsula: with its spoon-shaped, smooth leaves, all facing upwards, it is quite distinct (Pr scor has needle-leaves in tufts), if difficult to see in the undergrowth.

Pr acau is almost certainly more widespread than shown, perhaps because it is so difficult to see. Its distribution mirrors that of Protea lepidocarpodendron, differing in two respects: .Pr acau is widespread on Red Hill; Pr acau does not occur south of Buffels Bay. The lowlands of the Cape Flats are poorly atlassed - this is probably where the species was most common. The historical records from Bergvliet suggest that it should occur there, but it has not been found on the Flats or lower eastern slopes to date.

Seasonal data are especially lacking for February.


Protea acaulos Distribution

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