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IDM Cape Peninsula - Marsh Pagoda - Mimetes hirtus

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Mimetes hirtus - Marsh Pagoda is distinctive with its red and yellow heads comprising conspicuous "tubes" of flowers. Its favoured habitat is swampy ground, in which it is a fast grower, becoming moribund in older veld. Its preference for swamps probably resulted in its extermination from Rondebosch, Newlands and Wynberg in the last century. Today it is confined on the Peninsula to Silvermine and the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. Are the records from Silvermine from three separate populations, or all from the same stand? Mi hirtr has now been atlassed from all historical occurrences within the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. However, are all known stands atlassed? The Simonstown population still eludes us.

We are desperately short for seasonal data on this species: April, June, July and September to February are all very poorly sampled.

Mimetes hirtus Distribution

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