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IDM Cape Peninsula - Tree Pagoda - Mimetes fimbriifolius

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Mimetes fimbriifolius - Tree Pagoda is the only arborescent Pagoda on the Peninsula. At first glance or at a distance it might be confused with the Tree Pincushion. However, it has only three glands on the leaf tip (not many) and has hairy leaf margins.

A Peninsula endemic, Mi fimb occurs throughout the region. It has not yet been atlassed ai Camps Bay, Oudekraaal or Red Hill. It is apparently becoming rare in the northern Peninsula, perhaps because of too frequent burning. In a survey in 1982, Peter Ryan estimated there to be about 30 000 plants. Whereas it appears to be more common at higher altitudes in the north, in the southern Peninsula it is abundant quite close to the sea.

More seasonal data for especially November and December would be appreciated.

Mimetes fimbriifolius Distribution

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