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IDM Cape Peninsula - Common Pagoda - Mimetes cucullatus

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Mimetes cucullatus - Common Pagoda is the only Pagoda with an underground bole from which it resprouts after fires. It is thus a low shrub with many erect stems arising at grouad level. Why this otherwise common species is so rare on the Peninsula is a poser! Mi cucu is recorded (Burchell 1811 and Elsie Esterhuysen among others) from Table Mountain, north boundary of Kirstenbosch and the Twelve Apostles. We still have no atlas records - is it perhaps extinct on the northern Peninsula? We have many new populations, compared to the historical records, which were confined to the eastern half of the southern Peninsula. However, the Simonstown population appears elusive. Several of the isolated populations should be checked - what features favour Mi cucu over Mi fimb? We lack seasonal data for February, April and September to December.

Mimetes cucullatus Distribution

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