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IDM Cape Peninsula - Silky-hair Pincushion Leucospermum vestitum

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Leucospermum vestitum - Silky-hair Pincushion once occurred at Sea Point (Greenpoint above Menzies Estate) and Tamboorskloof. It was last recorded growing in Cape Town in 1886.

Ls vest forms a small tree to 3m tall - it is certainly impossible to think of any plants escaping detection. It differs from Ls conocarporrdendron by having a flowerhead similar in appearance to the commercially important The Pincushion - Ls cordifolium, and so is unlikely to be confused with any of the other Peninsula species of Pincushion.

Since the historical records are from the 50-150m altitude levels, there are few areas of suitable habitat left within Cape Town to re-establish the species. These areas would also need to be burned properly at suitable intervals - no areas suffiently far from houses exists, except perhaps at the Noon Day Gun or rubbish dump.

Leucospermum vestitum Distribution

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