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IDM Cape Peninsula - Acacialeaf Conebush - Leucadendron macowanii

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Leucadendron macowanii - Acacialeaf Conebush is distinct having no colourful bracts around the male heads (wind-pollinated?).

A very rare species Ld maco is currently only found naturally from Smitswinkel Bay, where it has been atlassed. Historically it also occurred in Wynberg, but it is certainly extinct there now. Still no planted plants have turned up in response to the rumours that plants were planted by a horticulturist in many east-facing kloofs on the Peninsula - presumably most plants have died?

The populations from The Chair (just SE of the big population) and Paulsberg have also been atlassed.

We are desperately short of seasonal data on this species. When does it grow? When does it flower? Please help. Only for July do we have even 5 records!

Leucadendron macowanii Distribution

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