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IDM Cape Peninsula - Dune Conebush - Leucadendron coniferum

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Leucadendron coniferum - Dune Conebush has hairless, green leaves and orange cones. It prefers wind-blown sand, typically around the plumes blowing up from sandy beaches.

It is important that you visit one of these populations to familiarize yourself with this species which is easy to confuse with the Sickle-leaf Conebush.

Ld cfrm is much more prevalent in the Agulhas region than on the Peninsula. The important dune plumes for Ld cfrm appear to be Buffels Bay, Platboom Bay, Elses Bay, and Hout Bay - all orientated to the north-west or north of these beaches. The Kleinslangkop population suggests that it may occur more commonly between Noordhoek Beach and Wildevoelvlei-Lekkerwater.

The other isolated records are curious and have been flagged for checking, given the ease with which this species can be confused with Ld xant.

Leucadendron coniferum Distribution

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