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IDM Cape Peninsula - Silver Tree - Leucadendron argenteum

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Leucadendron argenteum - Silver Tree with its diagnostic silver leaves is the type species for the Conebushes (Leucadendron = White Tree).

Ld arge occurs naturally at Lion's Head, Devil's Peak, Kirstenbosch, Bishopscourt, Witteboom, Constantia Nek, Orangekloof and Hout Bay. The populations at Noordhoek Estates and Hout Bay are the only ones to still require atlassing. The Orangekloof population is under-visited, and probably more extensive!

Silver Trees have been planted at Tokai, Silvermine, Kalk Bay and Smiths Farm. Seasonal data are required for February-March, May-June, and August to October, with March and September having virtually no data at all. Please help us to determine when this species flowers and grows.

Leucadendron argenteum Distribution

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