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IDM Cape Peninsula - Silky Needlebush - Hakea sericia

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Hakea sericea - Silky Needlebush has needle leaves less than 35 mm long.

Although by far the most abundant and widespread Needlebush on the Peninsula (and ranking in the top 10 atlassed Proteas), Ha  seri is not much more widespread or abundant than our other Needlebushes on the Peninsula.

Ha seri is the only Needlebush recorded north of 34S to date. However, these appear to be scattered records. The densest populations are at Little Lions Head, Constantia Nek, Skoorsteenkop, Chapmans Peak, and Spitskop (south of Silvermine). Smaller infestations occur on Lakeside Ridge and Klawer Valley, with odd patches elsewhere.

Seasonal data are lacking for this species from January, February and June.

Hakea sericia Distribution

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