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IDM Cape Peninsula - Rock Needlebush - Hakea gibbosa

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Hakea gibbosa - Rock Needlebush has leaves longer than 50 mm long. 'Ihe young leaves are very hairy.

'Ihe rarest of the three Needlebushes on the Peninsula, Ha gibb is commonest near Dido Valley, Bokkop, Chapmans Peak, Skoonsteenkop and above Constantia Nek (where it forms a gnarled forest worthy of "special mention"). Scattered records from elsewhere suggest that it is present throughout much of the central Peninsula. The gaps between the populations are curious - are they real, or do scattered plants occur there?

We lack seasonal data - especially for the first half of the year (from January to July), for this species.

The atlas data suggest that this would be a relatively easy species to contain and eliminate from the Cape Peninsula if one could only get to the plants within the Silky Needlebush!

Hakea gibbosa Distribution

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