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IDM Cape Peninsula - Sweet Needlebush - Hakea drupacea

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Hakea drupacea - Sweet Needlebush (old suaveolens) has divided, needle-shaped leaves. It may grow to the size and stature of a medium-sized Pine Tree.

The abundance of Ha drup is still a surprise: off the Peninsula it is also turning up in surprising places, but is never as abundant or widspread. Plants from the Ou Kaapseweg at Dassenberg are still not yet atlassed, although atlassers have visited all the other sites mentioned in the previous Interim Distribution Map, including within the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. Although HA DRUP appears to require longer fire intervals to set seed than other Needlebushes, it seems to be doing quite well where there are Pine, Gum and Acacia infestations. Does the distribution suggest that it prefers heavier (granitic) soils? Is the Gap at Rocklands real, or the result of undersampling? Beware of overlooking "Pines" - they may be this species.

Hakea drupacea Distribution

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