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IDM Cape Peninsula - Wild Almond - Brabejum stellatifolium

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Brabejum stellatifolium - Wild Almond was used by Van Riebeeck as a hedge plant in 1656. Many of these plants still remain.

Atlassers have recorded Br stel at Kirstenbosch and Newland forests. The upper position of Van Riebeeck's Hedge from the Gardens along the top of Wynberg Hill can be clearly seen. Do any plants survive along the Liesbeek or Diep Rivers or further north along the "frontier" or near the Castle?

The records from Kalk Bay (at Weary Willies) are of a single very old (>200? years) tree. The plants at Tokai (on an offshoot of the Prinskasteel River) are younger, perhaps only 20-50 years old - where did these come from? The plants at Oranjezicht and Silvermine Dam are probably planted. The best time to find new localities for Br STEL is during its December flowering or Autumn fruiting. We lack data for Autumn & Spring.

Brabejum stellatifolium Distribution

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