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IDM Cape Peninsula - Channel Leaf Featherbush - Aulax cancellata

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Aulax cancellata Channel-leaf Featherbush was thought to be extinct on the Cape Peninsula. Historically only tvo localities are known: Table Mountain and Silvermine. At the latter site it was seen in 1889 and from 1955-1959. At the former it was last recorded, as firewood, by its collector Burchell in 1811. Atlassers have rediscovered Au cancellata at Silvermine and on the Saddle at Devil's Peak. The latter is a planted population, but it appears to have been hacked - very few plants remain! Is it again extinct here?

'Ihe Silvermine population has profited by the last fire and is doing very well. More seasonal data would be appreciated - we have no growth or flowering records for April, and July to September.

It has been planted at Lions Rump and the Silvermine Dam area.

Aulax cancellata Distribution

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