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German Common Names for Proteas

Common Name Genus Species
Echter Zucherbusch Pr repens
Gemeiner Zuckerbusch Pr caffra
Haarbuschelprotea Pr magnifica
Konigsprotea Pr cynaroides
Kruppelholz Ls conocarpodendron
Lorbeerblattriger Zuckerbusch Pr laurifolia
Nadelkissenprotea Ls cordifolium
Silber Zuckerbusch Pr roupelliae roupelliae
Silberbaum Ld argenteum
Transvaal-Buche Fa saligna
Wagenbaum Pr nitida
Weisser Zuckerbusch Pr mundii
Wilder Mandelboom Br stellatifolium
Zuckerprotea Pr repens

We are attempting to compile comprehensive databases of common names in use. If you are aware of any names used which are not in the list, please e-mail us at

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