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English Common Names for Proteas

Common Names Genus Species
Common Pagoda Mi cucullatus
Conical Pagoda Mi capitulatus
Cryptic Pagoda Mi palustris
Fringed Bottlebrush Mi fimbriifolius
Fringeleaf Mimetes Mi fimbriifolius
Golden Pagoda Mi chrysanthus
Golden Pagoda Mi stokoei
Hairy Mimetes Mi hirtus
Kogelberg Pagoda Mi arboreus
Kogelbergsilver Bottlebrush Mi arboreus
Limestone Pagoda Mi saxatilis
Lyrebearing Mimetes Mi cucullatus
Mace Pagoda Mi stokoei
Marsh Mimetes Mi palustris
Marsh Pagoda Mi hirtus
Matchstick Pagoda Mi hottentoticus
Pineapplebush Mi hirtus
Red Bottlebrush Mi cucullatus
Red Pagoda Mi cucullatus
Red Stump Mi cucullatus
Red-and-yellow Bottlebrush Mi hirtus
Redflamebush Mi cucullatus
Silver Mimetes Mi argenteus
Silver Pagoda Mi argenteus
Silverleaf Bottlebrush Mi argenteus
Silvery Mimetes Mi argenteus
Slender Pagoda Mi pauciflorus
Splendid Mimetes Mi splendidus
Splendid Pagoda Mi splendidus
Stokoe's Pagoda Mi stokoei
Tall Pagoda Mi hirtus
Threeflowered Pagoda Mi pauciflorus
Tree Pagoda Mi fimbriifolius
Marsh Rose Or zeyheri
Mountain Rose Or zeyheri
Bokkeveld Poppiesbos Pa bracteolaris
Bottlebrush Pa sceptrum-gustavianus
Bredasdorp Sceptre Pa abrotanifolius
Clusterflower Paranomus Pa lagopus
Exploding Baked Apple Pa longicaulis
Fanleaf Paranomus Pa spathulatus
Fineleaf Sceptre Pa capitatus
Glabrousleaf Sceptre Pa bracteolaris
Green Sceptre Pa reflexus
Hairless Sceptre Pa bracteolaris
Hairyleaf Sceptre Pa tomentosus
Hairystyle Sceptre Pa adiantifolius
Honeyscented Sceptre Pa roodebergensis
King-Gustav's Sceptre Pa sceptrum-gustavianus
Kogelberg Sceptre Pa spicatus
Kouga Sceptre Pa esterhuyseniae
Ladismith Sceptre Pa centaureoides
Langeberg Sceptre Pa spathulatus
Longhead Sceptre Pa dispersus
Longstem Paranomus Pa longicaulis
Maidenhairleaf Paranomus Pa adiantifolius
Narrowbract Paranomus Pa bracteolaris
Overberg Sceptre Pa bolusii
Palmiet Sceptre Pa nova
Powder Sceptre Pa candicans
Rabbitpaw Sceptre Pa lagopus
Samphireleaf Paranomus Pa spicatus
Scented Sceptre Pa dregei
Sceptrelike Paranomus Pa sceptrum-gustavianus
Sceptre Pa sceptrum-gustavianus
Silvery Paranomus Pa candicans
Smoothleaf Tree Sceptre Pa bracteolaris
Southernwoodleaf Paranomus Pa abrotanifolius
Van Staden's Sceptre Pa reflexus
Viking Sceptre Pa bolusii
White Sceptre Pa sceptrum-gustavianus
Woolly Sceptre Pa longicaulis

We are attempting to compile comprehensive databases of common names in use. If you are aware of any names used which are not in the list, please e-mail us at

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