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English Common Names for Proteas

Common Names Genus Species
Abietinum Ld teretifolium
Acacialeaf Conebush Ld macowanii
Adscendens Ld salignum
Agulhas Conebush Ld stelligerum
Asterleaf Protea Ld cinereum
Babyrosette Conebush Ld sessile
Beater-bush Conebush Ld dubium
Beckside Gissonia Ld ericifolium
Bokkeveld Conebush Ld nitidum
Bokkeveld Conebush Ld remotum
Bootpolish Conebush Ld microcephalum
Bredasdorp Conebush Ld laxum
Broad Goldtips Ld laureolum
Broadleaf Conebush Ld gandogeri
Brunialeaf Protea Ld corymbosum
Caledon Conebush Ld elimense salteri
Candelabra Conebush Ld comosum
Cape Flats Conebush Ld levisanus
Cape Silver Tree Ld argenteum
Cedarberg Conebush Ld dubium
Ceres Goldtips Ld arcuatum
Clustered Euryspermum Ld salignum
Comely Euryspermum Ld laureolum
Common Spearleaf Conebush Ld spissifol. spissifolium
Common Stream Conebush Ld salicifolium
Common Sunshine Conebush Ld salignum
Common Yellowbush Ld salignum
Comosum Ld teretifolium
Concealed Conebush Ld cryptocephalum
Crassulaleaf Protea Ld arcuatum
Crowdedleaf Euryspermum Ld spissifol. spissifolium
Cuspidateleaf Euryspermum Ld salicifolium
Daphnoides Ld tinctum
Decorum Ld gandogeri
Decorum Ld laureolum
Decorum Star Ld laureolum
Discolor Ld discolor
Dish Conebush Ld dregei
Droopy Conebush Ld cordatum
Dune Conebush Ld coniferum
Dune Yellowbush Ld coniferum
Dustypink Conebush Ld coniferum
DuToitskloof Conebush Ld daphnoides
Elgin Conebush Ld globosum
Elim Conebush Ld elimense elimense
Emulous Euryspermum Ld xanthoconus
Emulous Protea Ld pubescens
Ericaleaf Conebush Ld ericifolium
Ericaleaf Yellowbush Ld ericifolium
Ericoid Conebush Ld ericifolium
Flame Gold Tips Ld discolor
Flame Goldtips Ld discolor
Flametip Conebush Ld discolor
Flats Conebush Ld floridum
Flatseed Conebush Ld platyspermum
Foetid Conebush Ld brunioides brunioides
Fragrant Spearleaf Conebush Ld spissifolium fragrans
Galpinii Ld pubescens
Galpin's Conebush Ld galpinii
Garden-Route Conebush Ld conicum
Giant Pompom Ld daphnoides
Gideonskop Conebush Ld bonum
Gifberg Conebush Ld roodii
Glabrum Ld gandogeri
Globularialeaf Protea Ld linifolium
Glossyleaf Conebush Ld xanthoconus
Glutinous Protea Ld chamelaea
Gnidialeaf Protea Ld stellare
Golden Conebush Ld laureolum
Golden Glory Conebush Ld gandogeri
Golden Rose Conebush Ld pubibracteolatum
Golden Sunshinebush Ld laureolum
Goldenleaf Conebush Ld pubibracteolatum
Goldenrosette Conebush Ld orientale
Goldentips Ld salignum
Goldentips Ld xanthoconus
Goldtips Ld salignum
Goldtips Conebush Ld spissifolium
Goldtops Conebush Ld salignum
Graafwater Conebush Ld brunioides flumenlupinm
Grabouw Conebush Ld globosum
Grandiflorum Ld pubibracteolatum
Grandiflorum Ld tinctum
Gray Protea Ld cinereum
Greenflower Conebush Ld loranthifolium
Greenflower Sunbush Ld loranthifolium
Grey Conebush Ld conicum
Grey Conebush Ld pubescens
Greymat Conebush Ld pubescens
Gumleaf Conebush Ld eucalyptifolium
Gydo Conebush Ld gydoense
Hairless Conebush Ld galpinii
Hillock Gisonia Ld rubrum
Hopefield Conebush Ld foedum
Incisum Ld salignum
Ivory Conebush Ld procerum
Jonaskop Conebush Ld nervosum
Kammanasie Conebush Ld singulare
Kareedouwvlakte Spearleaf Conebush Ld spissifolium phillipsii
Karoo Conebush Ld nobile
Klapmuts Conebush Ld verticillatum
Kouga Conebush Ld sorocephalodes
Laingsburg Conebush Ld osbornei
Langeberg Conebush Ld radiatum
Lanky Conebush Ld procerum
Large Pink Cone Ld coniferum
Largeflower Euryspermum Ld grandiflorum
Lauralleaf Conebush Ld laureolum
Lemonrosette Conebush Ld tradouwense
Limestone Conebush Ld meridianum
Linearleaf Conebush Ld album
Lineleaf Conebush Ld linifolium
Loerie Conebush Ld loeriense
Lokenberg Conebush Ld sheilae
Lollypop Ld tinctum
Longleaf Conebush Ld eucalyptifolium
Longstem Protea Ld linifolium
Loranthusleaf Protea Ld loranthifolium
Malmesbury Conebush Ld thymifolium
Marsh Euryspermum Ld salicifolium
Mini Tulip Conebush Ld salignum
Minipompom Conebush Ld sessile
Modestcone Conebush Ld modestum
Mountain Conebush Ld gandogeri
Mountain Rose Ld globosum
Mountain Rose Ld strobilinum
Mountain Rose Ld tinctum
Mucroleaf Conebush Ld coniferum
Narrow Goldtips Ld coniferum
Natal Spearleaf Conebush Ld spissifolium natalense
Needleleaf Conebush Ld nobile
Needleleaf Conebush Ld teretifolium
Nestflower Conebush Ld salignum
Nieuwoudtville Conebush Ld remotum
Oilbract Conebush Ld microcephalum
Oily Conebush Ld glaberrimum
Onecolour Euryspermum Ld globosum
Orangecone Conebush Ld dregei
Oribi Spearleaf Conebush Ld spissifolium oribinum
Oriental Conebush Ld orientale
Outeniqua Conebush Ld uliginosum uliginosum
Paintedrosette Conebush Ld tinctum
Pakhuis Conebush Ld concavum
Peach Conebush Ld album
Peninsula Conebush Ld strobilinum
Piketberg Conebush Ld discolor
Pineleaf Chasme Ld comosum homaeophyllum
Plateseed Conebush Ld platyspermum
Platty Ld platyspermum
Platystar Ld platyspermum
Plumosum Ld rubrum
Pompom Ld discolor
Pondo Conebush Ld pondoense
Pondo Spearleaf Conebush Ld spissifolium natalense
Pondoland Conebush Ld pondoense
Pondoland Streambush Ld pondoense
Purple-leaf Conebush Ld pubibracteolatum
Ramentaceous Chasme Ld comosum
Red Adscendens Ld salignum
Red Conebush Ld discolor
Rededge Conebush Ld arcuatum
Ridgecone Conebush Ld comosum
River Conebush Ld salicifolium
Riviersonderend Conebush Ld burchellii
Rock Conebush Ld strobilinum
Rose Cockade Ld tinctum
Rosette Conebush Ld coriaceum
Roughleaf Conebush Ld modestum
Roundleaf Chasme Ld teretifolium
Rubycone Conebush Ld conicum
Sabulosum Ld coniferum
Sabulosum Ld eucalyptifolium
Sabulosum Ld xanthoconus
Salignum Ld xanthoconus
Scallopnest Conebush Ld microcephalum
Scraggly Conebush Ld cinereum
Scytheleaf Protea Ld galpinii
Shale Conebush Ld lanigerum
Shineycone Conebush Ld spissifolium
Sickleleaf Conebush Ld xanthoconus
Silky Conebush Ld meridianum
Silky Conebush Ld pubescens
Silky Euryspermum Ld floridum
Silky Gissonia Ld sericeum
Silkyleaf Conebush Ld nervosum
Silkyruff Conebush Ld nervousm
Silver Conetree Ld argenteum
Silver Pine Tree Ld argenteum
Silver Tree Ld argenteum
Silverball Conebush Ld muirii
Silverbush Ld uliginosum
Silvercone Ld argenteum
Silvercone Ld muirii
Silvercone Conebush Ld galpinii
Silvercone Conebush Ld muirii
Silvercones Ld meridianum
Silvercones Ld xanthoconus
Silvertops Ld linifolium
Silvertops Ld meridianum
Silvertops Conebush Ld galpinii
Silvery Euryspermum Ld uliginosum uliginosum
Silvery Protea Ld argenteum
Smallhead Euryspermum Ld rubrum
Smartrose Ld laxum
Spatulaleaf Protea Ld levisanus
Spearleaf Conebush Ld spissifolium
Spicy Conebush Ld tinctum
Spinning Top Ld rubrum
Spinningtop Conebush Ld rubrum
Spinningtop Conebush Ld rubrum
Spiral Chasme Ld spirale
Squarrose Protea Ld lanigerum
Star Conebush Ld stellare
Stawberrycone Conebush Ld album
Stawberrycone Silverbush Ld album
Strawberries Ld modestum
Strawberry Conebush Ld teretifolium
Strictum Ld salicifolium
Strictum Ld salignum
Strobiled Protea Ld strobilinum
Summit Conebush Ld dregei
Sun Conebush Ld sessile
Sunny Ld floridum
Sunshinebush Ld discolor
Swartberg Conebush Ld barkerae
Swartveld Conebush Ld corymbosum
Tall Euryspermum Ld procerum
Tall Yellowbush Ld eucalyptifolium
Terete Conebush Ld teretifolium
Thymeleaf Protea Ld thymifolium
Top Bush Ld rubrum
Tortum Ld brunioides brunioides
Tortum Ld linifolium
Tradouw Conebush Ld tradouwense
Trailing Euryspermum Ld salignum
Tsitsikamma Conebush Ld uliginosum glabratum
Tufted Chasme Ld comosum
Tumbleweed Ld gandogeri
Ugi Ld uliginosum glabratum
Uniondale Conebush Ld rourkei
Van Rhynsdorp Conebush Ld meyerianum
Van Staden's Conebush Ld orientale
Van Staden's Sunbush Ld orientale
Venosum Ld sessile
Villiersdorp Ridgecone Conebush Ld comosum homaeophyllum
Visgat Conebush Ld diemontianum
Vlei Rose Ld laxum
Voluteleaf Euryspermum Ld spissifol. spissifolium
Vyeboom Conebush Ld elimense vyeboomensis
Waabooms Conebush Ld sericeum
Western Sunbush Ld sessile
Willowleaf Conebush Ld salicifolium
Willowlike Euryspermum Ld coniferum
Witsenberg Conebush Ld chamelaea
Witteberg Sprawling Conebush Ld cadens
Witteberg Sunbush Ld cadens
Wolseley Conebush Ld spirale
Woolly Conebush Ld sorocephalodes
Worcester Conebush Ld flexuosum
Worcester Shale Conebush Ld lanigerum laevigatum
Wynberg Conebush Ld grandiflorum
Yellow Conebush Ld olens
Yellow Conebush Ld xanthoconus
Yellow Discolor Ld discolor
Yellow Tulip Conebush Ld laureolum

We are attempting to compile comprehensive databases of common names in use. If you are aware of any names used which are not in the list, please e-mail us at

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