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English Common Names for Proteas

Common Names Genus Species
Broadleaf Featherbush Au umbellata
Channelleaf Featherbush Au cancellata
Featherduster Au umbellata
Fluffy Featherbush Au umbellata
Needleleaf Featherbush Au pallasia
Pineleaf Aulax Au cancellata
Widow wailleaf Aulax Au umbellata
African Almond Br stellatifolium
Bitter Almond Br stellatifolium
Cape Almond Br stellatifolium
Hottentot's Almond Br stellatifolium
Kaffir Chestnut Br stellatifolium
Starry Brabeium Br stellatifolium
Wild Almond Br stellatifolium
Wild Chestnut Br stellatifolium
Bryumflower Diastella Di thymelaeoides
Flats Silkypuff Di proteoides
Flats Silkystar Di proteoides
Flats Starlet Di proteoides
Franshoek Silkypuff Di buekii
Hangklip Silkypuff Di thymelaeoides meridiana
Heathleaf Diastella Di proteoides
Kogelberg Silkypuff Di thymelae. thymelaeoides
Matched Diastella Di parilis
Mountain Silkypuff Di divaricata montana
Myrtleleaf Diastella Di myrtifolia
Palmiet Silkypuff Di fraterna
Peninsula Silkypuff Di divaricata divaricata
Serpyllumleaf Diastella Di divaricata
Trailing Diastella Di buekii
Tulbagh Silkypuff Di myrtifolia
Vacciniumleaf Diastella Di divaricata
Worcester Silkypuff Di parilis
African Beechwood Fa saligna
Bush Beechwood Fa galpinii
Bushveld Beechwood Fa saligna
Egossa Beechwood Fa macnaughtonii
Forest Beechwood Fa galpinii
Manica Beechwood Fa forficuliflora
Red Beechwood Fa saligna
Terblanz Beechwood Fa macnaughtonii
Transvaal Beechwood Fa saligna
Banks' Grevillea Gr banksii
Dwarf Silky Oak Gr banksii
Red Silky Oak Gr banksii
Redflower Silky Oak Gr banksii
Scarlet Silky Oak Gr banksii
Silky Oak Gr robusta
Silver Oak Gr robusta
Southern Silky Oak Gr robusta
Bushy Needlewood Ha sericea
Hairy Needlebush Ha gibbosa
Hedge Hakea Ha salicifolia
Needlebush Ha sericea
Rock Needlebush Ha gibbosa
Royal Hakea Ha victoria
Sea-urchin Hakea Ha petiolaris
Silky Needlebush Ha sericea
Willow Hakea Ha salicifolia
Willow-leaf Hakea Ha salicifolia

We are attempting to compile comprehensive databases of common names in use. If you are aware of any names used which are not in the list, please e-mail us at

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