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Red Data Book Status

Current Red Data Book Status: 2003
Rarity Status of the Proteaceae: 1990
Red Data Book Status: 1996
Red Data list of southern African plants
IUCN Red Data Book Categories
Extinct species
More in History
Swartland Sugarbush - Protea odorata
Rabinowitz Rarity
Rarity of south coast proteas
Kraaifontein Spiderhead - Serruria furcellata
Protea odorata - Photo: Nigel Forshaw Leucadendron spirale - Drawing: Nicci Page Mimetes stokoei - Photo: NBI Collection   Sorocephalus tenuifolius - Photo: Nigel Forshaw

More information on the the ecology, habitat and rarity of different species can be found in the Protea Gallery for most of our rare proteas, in the separate species accounts.

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