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Homobox genes from the Asteraceae inserted into the Pincushion genome

This in an interesting modification.  It appears that the homobox genes from the Asteraceae have been inserted into the Pincushion genome and the promoter region modified for expression only in the terminal flower primeordia.  Of course, this is not the first instance of such a phenomenon in the Proteaceae.  In fact, it has been proposed that the name "Protea" was used by Linnaeus based on an illustration of Boerhaave, in which the Leucadendron pubescens cone developed from the centre of the Protea aurea flowerhead. Might I propose the name Proteastra for the plant.  This can be variously interpreted using protean as the base "variable star" or "changeable star"  or using proto as the base as "first star" or "elementary star"  or even using protest as the base as "dissenting star".

Tony Rebelo (November 2005)

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