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Proteas aren't confined to Fynbos

Protea Atlas LogoMap of the Touwsrivier area showing the mapped Mountain Fynbos (grey), Mountain Renosterveld (stippled) and Succulent Karoo (unshaded) from the Vegetation Map of southern Africa. The location of our Record Localities are shown. These are symbolized as Null SRS (with zero species - X) and SRS with proteas.

Note how proteas are not confined to mapped Fynbos, and sometimes even occur in what has been mapped as Karoo. We are hoping that geology will be mapped at a finer scale and allow us to model distributions – and thus fill in the gaps better.

This is the area where one of our new species, the Toffee-apple Conebush Ld "touwsriviersensis", is abundant.

Tony Rebelo

Number of species at Touwsrivier

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