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The Protea Atlas: phase 2

The writing of the Protea Atlas is underway and the first sample texts are now available. Your comments and opinions - in a text or word file or e-mail - would be much appreciated and this should be sent to Tony Rebelo.

Make sure you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer before attempting to read the preliminary guide.

The text is being written in two stages.
In the first phase comprised the ancilliary data - this phase is completed barring editing.
During the next few months the maps and the "Distribution" text will be inserted.

Please first read the introduction before assessing the texts - this contains the definition of terms and restrictions on interpretation of the data. Your comments on these would also be appreciated - especially if you find the descriptions unclear:

  • Introduction (last updated 25/01/08)
  • Aulax, Brabejum, Diastella, Faurea, Hakea, Mimetes, Orothamnus & Vexatorella (last updated 25/01/08)
  • Paranomus, Spatalla & Sorocephalus (last updated 25/01/08)
  • Serruria (last updated 25/01/08)
  • Protea (last updated 25/01/08)
  • Leucadendron (last updated 25/01/08)
  • Leucospermum (last updated 25/01/08)
  • The order of the genera in The Atlas will provisionally be: Brabejum and allies; Aulax, Faurea, Protea; Serruria, Paranomus, Sorocephalus, Spatalla; Leucadendron; Vexatorella, Leucospermum, Diastella, Mimetes, Orothamnus and Oldenburgia.

    If you wish to see the earlier drafts please see: OLD DRAFTS

    Thanks so far to Nick Helme, for comments on Diastella .
    Thanks to Ruth Smart who has been proofing the entire MS and looking up information

    25 January 2007

    Tony Rebelo