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Tanzania Species List

Scientific Name Common Names Notes
Faurea arborea Montane Beechwood  
Faurea delevoyi River Beechwood  
Faurea intermedia Smallflower Beechwood  
Faurea rochetiana Broadleaf Beechwood  
Faurea saligna African Beechwood  
Faurea usambarensis Usambara Beechwood Imperfectly known – material needed
Faurea wentzeliana Rift Valley Beechwood  
Protea angolensis angolensis Dwarf Northernwoodland Sugarbush  
Protea angolensis angolensis roseola Pink Dwarf Northernwoodland Sugarbush  
Protea angolensis divaricata Northern Northernwoodland Sugarbush  
Protea baumii robusta Robust Dambo Sugarbush  
Protea caffra kilimandscharica Alpine Sugarbush  
Protea gaguedi African Sugarbush  
Protea heckmanniana angustifolia Ufipa Miniature Sugarbush  
Protea heckmanniana heckmanniana Miniature Sugarbush  
Protea humifusa Pink Ground Protea  
Protea kibarensis kibarensis Kibara Sugarbush  
Protea linearifolia Grass Sugarbush  
Protea madiensis madiensis Tall Woodland Sugarbush  
Protea micans lemairei Smooth Glistening Sugarbush  
Protea micans micans Glistening Sugarbush  
Protea micans suffruticosa Rift Valley Glistening Sugarbush  
Protea petiolaris elegans Elegant Sickleleaf Sugarbush  
Protea praticola Mbongo Sugarbush  
Protea rubrobracteata Tanzania Sugarbush  
Protea rupestris Rocket Sugarbush  
Protea welwitschii Dwarf Savanna Sugarbush  
Protea wentzeliana wentzeliana Mist Sugarbush  

The above list is probably incomplete. We welcome your opinions and comments and will include them in this page. We are particularly interested in local common names and notes on distribution.

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