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Swaziland Species List

Comments welcome! Please remember to atlas any unlisted species, AND include a herbarium specimen for verification.

Scientific Name Common Names Notes
Faurea galpinii Forest Beechwood, Bosboekenhout  
Faurea macnaughtonii Terblanz Beechwood, Terblans  
Faurea rochetiana Broadleaf Beechwood  
Faurea saligna African Beechwood, Transvaalboekenhout  
Leucospermum gerrardii Soapstone Pincushion, Wortelstokspeldekussing  
Protea caffra caffra Common Transvaal Sugarbush, Gewonesuikerbos  
Protea comptonii Saddleback Sugarbush, Comptonsuikerbos  
Protea gaguedi African Sugarbush, Grootsuikerbos  
Protea parvula Dainty Sugarbush, Kleinsuikerbos  
Protea roupelliae roupelliae Silver Sugarbush, Silverblaarsuikerbos  
Protea simplex Dwarf Grassveld Sugarbush, Slanksuikerbos  
Protea welwitschii Dwarf Savanna Sugarbush, Troshofiesuikerbos  

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