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A species list for the Sandveld, from the Berg River to the Olifants River, and including those hills and mountains west of the N7 and Olifants River, including the Piekenierskloof Pass, Elands Bay and Lamberts Bay.

Comments welcome! Please remember to atlas any unlisted species, AND include a herbarium specimen for verification.

Scientific Name Common Names Notes
Leucadendron brunioides brunioides Foetid Conebush, Tolletjies  
Leucadendron brunioides flumenlupinum Graafwater Conebush  
Leucadendron cinereum Scraggly Conebush, Vaalknopbos  
Leucadendron foedum Hopefield Conebush  
Leucadendron glaberrimum erubescens Red Oily Conebush  
Leucadendron loranthifolium Greenflower Conebush  
Leucadendron procerum Ivory Conebush, Langbeentjie  
Leucadendron pubescens Grey Conebush, Syhaartolbos  
Leucadendron salignum Common Sunshine Conebush, Knoppiesgeelbos  
Leucadendron stellare Star Conebush  
Leucospermum arenarium Redelinghuis Pincushion  
Leucospermum calligerum Arid Pincushion, Luisiebossie  
Leucospermum hypophyllocarpodendron canaliculatum Grey Snakestem Pincushion, Gruisslangbossie  
Leucospermum rodolentum Sandveld Pincushion, Sandveldluisiesbos  
Leucospermum tottum Ribbon Pincushion, Oranjerooispeldekussing  
Leucospermum vestitum Silkyhair Pincushion  
Paranomus bracteolaris Hairless Sceptre  
Protea burchellii Burhell's Sugarbush, Blinksuikerbos  
Protea glabra Clanwilliam Sugarbush, Kaiingsuikerbos  
Protea inopina Largenut Sugarbush Endemic
Protea laurifolia Greyleaf Sugarbush, Louriersuikerbos  
Protea nitida Wagon Tree, Waboom  
Protea repens Common Sugarbush, Suikerbos  
Protea scolymocephala Thistle Sugarbush, Witskollie  
Serruria aitonii Marshmallow Spiderhead  
Serruria cygnea Swan Spiderhead  
Serruria decipiens Sandveld Spiderhead, Kinkelspinnekopbos  
Serruria fucifolia Northern Spiderhead, Sandveldspinnekopbos  
Serruria millefolia Thousandleaf Spiderhead  

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