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Groot Swartberg

A species list for the Grootswartberg, comprising the area from the Gamka (Gouritz) River to Antoniesberg in the east, encompassing the Swartberg and Meiringspoort Passes.

Comments welcome! Please remember to atlas any unlisted species, AND include a herbarium specimen for verification.

Scientific Name Common Names Notes
Aulax cancellata Channelleaf Featherbush, Naaldblaarkanariebos  
Hakea sericea Silky Needlebush, Syerigespeldebos  
Leucadendron album Linearleaf Conebush, Arbeitolsilwerbos  
Leucadendron barkerae Swartberg Conebush  
Leucadendron comosum comosum Ridgecone Conebush  
Leucadendron cordatum Droopy Conebush, Bergkatjiepiering  
Leucadendron dregei Summit Conebush, Oranjetolbos  
Leucadendron eucalyptifolium Tall Yellowbush, Grootgeelbos  
Leucadendron rourkei Uniondale Conebush  
Leucadendron rubrum Spinningtop Conebush, Tolletjiesbos  
Leucadendron salignum Common Sunshine Conebush, Knoppiesgeelbos  
Leucadendron spissifolium fragrans Fragrant Spearleaf Conebush  
Leucadendron tinctum Spicey Conebush, Toffeeappel  
Leucospermum cuneiforme Wartstem Pincushion, Gewoneluisiesbos  
Leucospermum wittebergense Swartberg Pincushion  
Paranomus centaureoides Ladismith Sceptre  
Paranomus dispersus Longhead Sceptre  
Paranomus dregei Scented Sceptre  
Paranomus esterhuyseniae Kouga Sceptre  
Paranomus roodebergensis Honeyscented Sceptre, Rooihond  
Protea canaliculata Grooveleaf Sugarbush, Bergroossuikerbos  
Protea eximia Broadleaf Sugarbush, Breeblaarsuikerbos  
Protea intonsa Tufted Sugarbush  
Protea lorifolia Strapleaf Sugarbush, Riemblaarsuikerbos  
Protea magnifica Queen Sugarbush, Baardsuikerbos  
Protea montana Swartberg Sugarbush  
Protea neriifolia Narrowleaf Sugarbush, Blousuikerbos  
Protea nitida Wagon Tree, Waboom  
Protea pruinosa Frosted Sugarbush  
Protea punctata Water Sugarbush, Waterwitsuikerbos  
Protea repens Common Sugarbush, Suikerbos  
Protea rupicola Krantz Sugarbush, Kranssuikerbos  
Protea scorzonerifolia Channeleaf Sugarbush  
Protea tenax Tenacious Sugarbush  
Protea venusta Cascade Sugarbush, Rotssuikerbos  
Spatalla confusa Longtube Triplespoon  

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