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Range Extension for Silverpaw Spiderhead - Serruria incrassata

We have confirmed Riaan van der Walt's unidentified Serruria of VDW 980114  as Se incrassata. From Sandberg near Saron this is a major range extension for a species known almost only from around Joostenberg. Almost:- there is a herbarium record collected by Villiers in October 1963 from "3-4 miles NE of tar road opposite Welgevonden, Moreesburg district on koppie - west slope" John Rourke is keen for a herbarium specimen: however, the farm Welgevonden does not appear to exist. Perhaps atlassers should try the track east of Goedgevonden N of Dick se Dam on Brakfontein (3318BAB). Good luck - the species flowers from July to October, but old heads suitable for identification can be found anytime by those too keen to wait.

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