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Parasite Gallery

Witches Broom on Common Sugarbush - Protea caffra Common Sugarbush - Protea caffra plant growing out of Witches Broom Witches Broom on Water Sugarbush - Protea punctata
Witches Broom - Photo: David Osborne Witches Broom - Photo: David Osborne Witches Broom - Photo: Nigel Forshaw

Cocktail Ants nest on Rock Needlebush - Hakea gibbosa

Cocktail Ants Nest - Photo: Nigel Forshaw

Lighted Matches, Vuurhoutjies, Mistletoe - Tapinanthus rubromarginatus growing on Protea caffra

Lighted Matches - Photo: David Osborne Lighted Matches - Photo: David Osborne
Family: Loranthaceae
Dispersal: Birds
Fruit: Sticky red pulp supporting the fruit
Pollinator: Sunbirds
Germination: Following deposition a "root" grows into the stem of the host plant
Parasite: Hemiparasite relying on the host for water and nutrients but doing its own photosynthesis
Flowers: September - December
Distribution: Widespread - Gaberone to Mbabane to Zoutpansberg
Habit: A shrub on a wide variety of hosts
Hosts: Accacia, Combretum, Faurea, Leucosidea, Protea, Prunus, Vitex
Leaves: Deciduous, in tufts, thin with a dark red margin

Have a look at Parasites on Proteas and Witches Broom for more information.

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