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Most Widespread Species

Protea Atlas LogoListed below are the top 10 species in terms of the number of minute by minute (1.5 x 1.5 km) grid cells in which they occur for the Cape Flora. We have also listed the most abundant species in each genus, and have provided the number of grid cells at EDS (12 x 12 km) and QDS (one 1:50 000 map or 25 x 25 km) scales, and the number of Protea Atlas Project Record Localities.

Widespread species

It is fascinating how the Common Sunshine Conebush Ld salignum becomes proportionally more frequent the smaller the scale. By contrast, the Spinning-top Conebush Ld rubrum becomes less frequent at finer scales, despite its large distribution range. Another trend is noticeable. Whereas the most atlassed species are those in the Cape Peninsula and Hottentots Holland areas, the species from the Cedarberg become more prominent at smaller scales. This is presumably because the Cedarberg is bigger in extent than areas to the east, but as can be seen opposite, this is complicated by the fact that we atlassed the Cedarberg better than the Swartberg or Kouga Mountains.

Tony Rebelo

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