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Outramps plan get together in George

Protea Atlas LogoThe Outramps from George are thinking of having a get together sometime next year, probably October, for any ex protea atlassers that may be interested. The idea is to stay at Ebb and Flow in the Wilderness in chalets (booking to be done by each individual) and we will organize hikes to take you to see our Fynbos and especially the proteas (e.g. Pr venusta, Ld olens, Ld dregei, Ld ericifolium). The aim is to see each other again, and to show people our part of the world.

We want to know how many would be interested, so please could you let us know by e mailing Jenny Potgieter at or writing to her at 8 Valley Rd, George, 6529 Ph /Fax at 044 8745821. If there is enough interest we will go ahead and organize it.

Will the Pocket Guide to proteas of the Garden Route be out by then?

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