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Comments wanted on the Atlas CD

Protea Atlas LogoThe Complete Protea Atlas database consisting of:

  • Common names file;
  • Scientific names file;
  • Protea names, authors, status;
  • Repeat Link file;
  • Coordinate file;
  • Locality file;
  • Habitat file;
  • Protea file;
  • Comments file;
  • Herbarium data;
  • Protea gazetteer.

These will be in dBase format, linked in an ACCESS database. We will include some simple ACCESS queries answering useful questions of the data, but allowing detailed interrogation by those who want to mine the data. This is intended primarily for research purposes. Data files will be read only.

An ARC-VIEW set of coverages for use with ARC-EXPLORER (or ARC-VIEW, for those having it) consisting of:

  • Herbarium map for each species;
  • Atlas map for each species;
  • (If available at release) Modeled distributions for each species;
  • Full atlas coverage map for all Record Localities for linking to dBase protea file.

These files will be the graphical representation of our data. They are intended for interrogation and analysis by reserve managers, researchers and planners. A copy of ARC-EXPLORER will be provided so that anyone can explore the data.

The Protea Atlas Web site as at publication date consisting of:

  • All image files;
  • All text files;
  • Comprehensive index and links to all 54 Newsletter articles.

These are intended primarily for reference to ecology, distribution and information on proteas. This will appeal more to students and scholars requiring information for projects, and historians interested in the development of the atlas.

An electronic copy of The Atlas comprising:

  • Text with colour graphics for introductory chapters;
  • Text file for each species;
  • Graphs of flowering and growth for each species in colour;
  • Map as per atlas for each species (graphics file – not same as ARC-VIEW coverage) in colour;
  • Histograms of each variable set for each species;
  • Images of vignettes for each species.

The idea of repeating the exact same data in the book and in electronic format may seem bizarre. But there is not space in the book for graphs of all the variables. Nor is there the colour to adequately display graphs (and you can of course change these to your own personal colour scheme). And, of course, pictures and maps are useful for projects and publications!

Protea Atlas Project Sight Record Sheet Data Base:

This database allows people to explore the ramifications of the Protea Atlas Project. Its inclusion is to illustrate what future projects can contemplate. The help files and explanations of the fields alone would warrant the inclusion of this tool on the CD. It will also allow diehards to submit additional data electronically and fill all the gaps in our coverage and knowledge.

Worldmap containing:

  • African data.
  • Data for the five intervals of the Protea Atlas Project within the Cape.

Worldmap is a handy tool for quickly getting to see where proteas occur at a rough scale. The fun of Worldmap is exploring the conservation options for our Proteas, and getting data on the genealogy and its conservation implications.

(If ready) Interactive Electronic Key to Proteas:

This is an exciting idea, but is proving harder to build than we expected. Simply, we do not have time at present. If you can help, please contact the office.

Protea Red Data Book containing:

  • Accounts of each species explaining how the Red Data Book status was derived.

A Front End consisting of:

  • An opening screen to allow you entry into any of the above sections seamlessly and effortlessly. This will explain and automatically set you up to do any "computer setups" that might be required to fully explore the data.

Tony Rebelo

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