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Other Sites

Have a look at some other interesting sites.  These may be botanical sites or sites which have links into the Protea Atlas website.

Sites for finding out how to Grow Proteas:
Fine Bush People
Growing Southern Africa Native Plants

Sites for Commercial Growing of Proteas and Ordering Plants:
ARC-Fynbos Unit at Elsenburg
California Protea - Exotic Protea Flowers for the Retail Florist
Protea Flower Exports - SA Protea Producers and Exporters Association (SAPPEX)
Silverhill Seeds

Other sites
African Conservation
Africover - Food and Agriculture Orginization of the United Nations
Botanical Society of South Africa
Colin Paterson-Jones - Nature Photographer and Writer
Gek Hoon's Protea Atlassing impressions and her engagement
Helderberg Nature Reserve
National Botanical Institute
Spatial patterns of species richness and geographic ranges in African Proteaceae: Bayesian Hierarchical Models by Professor JA Silander
The African Garden

If you have a web site of botanical interest, especially South African, please e-mail with your URL for a possible link to be placed here.

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