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A key is a logical step by step process that allows you to identify want sort or protea you have seen or taken a photograph of. How to use keys: Some Summer Rainfall Examples will help you to get to know how to use the below keys.

First though, start with a Guide to the Genera, Protea Flowers versus Protea Flowerheads and Examples of Flowers and Flowerheads for the Proteaceae Genera.

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Have a look at further details of identifying proteas:

Beechwoods - Faurea   Sceptres - Paranomus
Conebushes - Leucadendron   Powderpuffs - Sorocephalus
Vexators - Vexatorellas   Spoons - Spatalla
Silkypuffs - Diastella   Spiderheads - Serruria
Pagodas - Mimetes   Featherbushes - Aulax
Marsh Rose - Orothamnus   Sugarbushes - Protea
Pincushions - Leucospermum   Wild Almond - Brabejum
Needlebushes - Hakea    

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