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Heath-leaved Banksia - Banksia ericifolia
Heath-leaved Banksia - Photo: Nigel Forshaw Habit: A compact bushy shrub to 6m or more
Fire survival: Killed, only seeds survive
Sexual system: Both sexes in each flower
Flowers: Late Autumn to Spring
Pollinator: Birds
Fruit: Retained on the plant
Seed dispersal: Wind
Seed storage: Retained in woody follicles on seedhead, only released after a hot fire
Rarity status: Cultivated - listed as a potentially dangerous invader
Habitat: Sandy coastal areas.
Distribution: New South Wales. In South Africa only noted in the wild at Agulhas.
Note: Listed as a potentially dangerous invader as it has all the characteristics required for forming dense stands, spreading easily within Fynbos and extremely easy to cultivate. Two varieties are known, and hybrids with Banksia spinulosa are recorded. Grown as a cut flower on Maui (Hawaii).

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